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2017 Professional Development Program for Spiritual Care Practitioners

Date Posted: 12-Apr-2017

We are welcoming month-by-month registrations for our Professional Development Program for Spiritual Care Practitioners.  All information is available on our website.

Click here for more information and registration forms.

Eighth Session - Wednesday November 8 2017, at Bendigo Health

Topic: Latest Research in Spiritual Care
This session will include some tips for getting started on research which is relevant to the work and the development of evidence based practice in spiritual care.  There will be the presentation of some current research in the field being currently undertaken by two of our spiritual care managers, as well as significant work published by others recently. This will be an interactive session, with questions and discussion strongly encouraged throughout.

Presenters: David Glenister is the Coordinator of Pastoral/Spiritual Care at Royal Melbourne Hospital, and as a Clinical Pastoral Supervisor, is Director of the CPE Centre there.  He has conducted research into hospital patient religious ID and spiritual practice, published in the Australian Health Review 2016, is involved with SHV in researching spiritual care in health care, and an interdisciplinary project exploring multimodal pastoral care. Formerly, David worked at St Vincent’s, and facilitated the Palliative Care art program at Caritas Christi under the auspices of the Pastoral Care department.  

Fran Westmore has had an international corporate career including organisational change management and business systems functional design. She managed remote and Indigenous employment service contracts in Far North Western Australia and was CEO of a Philanthropic Foundation in Melbourne. She now works as a Spiritual Care practitioner for Peninsula Health in Melbourne, working out of Frankston Hospital and the Palliative Care Unit. She is a qualified Spiritual Practitioner, Counsellor and Mediator and holds a Masters of Professional Ethics from the University of New South Wales. Fran’s spirituality is informed by the philosophy and teachings of Yoga.

Dr Heather Tan has a background in education, research, pastoral care and counselling. She has experience in tertiary education including at the post graduate level in the areas of loss, grief and bereavement, spiritual care, issues in death and dying, communication skills and research methods. In her role at Spiritual Health Victoria she is the Manager of Education and Research which includes teaching into tertiary programs in pastoral care and enabling research in the sector.

Please click here for more information about the full year’s program.
To register: Please click here for the annual registration form, or click here for a single month registration form. These are to be filled in and to be returned to our Education Officer, Shinen Wong:


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