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Professional Development Program for Spiritual Care Practitioners

Date Posted: 13-Dec-2017

We are welcoming month-by-month registrations for our Professional Development Program for Spiritual Care Practitioners.  All information is available on our website.

First Session - Wednesday 14 March,  2018 at Royal Melbourne Hospital
Topic: Understanding  Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation in Victoria                                                                                                                                          Presenter: Mary Draper AM, Board Director at Austin Health, immediate past CEO of Health Issues Centre

The presentation will outline the Victorian approach to Voluntary Assisted Dying in terms of what the legislation covers and what implementation will likely involve. It will put this in a broader context of improving end of life care. Research suggests that people still want to have as much control as possible over their last days and that their preferences about treatment and dying be respected. People generally want to be able to make the most of the time left, and to spend it in the company of people who matter to them. The role of spiritual care is an important one. Ms. Draper will share what she has learned about implementation from a study tour of two US states and two Canadian provinces.
Please click here for more information about the full year’s program. 
To register: Please click here for the annual registration form, or click here for a single month registration form.   
These are to be filled in and to be returned to    Annual registrations are due on Monday 26 February 2018.                                            


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We are welcoming month-by-month registrations for our Professional Development Program for Spiri..

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