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Professional Development Program for Spiritual Care Practitioners

Date Posted: 13-Dec-2017

We are welcoming month-by-month registrations for our Professional Development Program for Spiritual Care Practitioners.  All information is available on our website.


Fifth Session - Wednesday 8 August 2018, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital **please note change of venue

TOPIC: “Resistance in the Pastoral Practitioner during Supervision” with Jenni Wegener
Jenni Wegener has worked for over 25 years in health care as a chaplain, pastoral counsellor, educator, supervisor and manager and prior to this worked in schools, parish & community settings. In these roles, as well as in her own life, Jenni became increasingly aware of the impact of our shared and yet deeply personal human search for meaning and understanding. As we face the challenges of living authentically in our worlds, the accepting companioning of another who empathically hears what it means to be us, provides a space where liberation from the thoughts, behaviours and emotions that bind us can be discovered. Jenni has a Bachelor’s of Theology and a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy, Specialist Couples Therapy training with Relationships Australia, and numerous professional development programs that continue enrich her practice. 

Please click here for more information about the full year’s program. 

To register: Please click here for the annual registration form, or click here for a single month registration form. These are to be filled in and to be returned to     


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We are welcoming month-by-month registrations for our Professional Development Program for Spiri..


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