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2017 Professional Development Program for Spiritual Care Practitioners

Date Posted: 12-Apr-2017

We are welcoming month-by-month registrations for our Professional Development Program for Spiritual Care Practitioners.  All information is available on our website.

Click here for more information and registration forms.

Fourth Session - Wednesday, 14 June 2017, 9.30am at Baptcare Bundoora.

Topic:  Recognising and Pastorally Responding to Elder Abuse  

In the presentation Melanie and Cheryl will define Elder Abuse and how to recognise the signs of elder abuse. We will explore a number of real life scenarios. Details of where you can get assistance will be provided, should anybody ever be involved in such scenarios.

Presenters:  Melanie Lamb has worked at Baptcare as the Hume region In Home Care Chaplain for 5 years offering emotional and spiritual support to clients, their loved ones and staff. Melanie is also in her 13th year as a hospital chaplain (the past 11 years at Northern hospital, Epping) offering support in Northern hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, Oncology and Acute Assessment wards. 

Cheryl Williams is the Chaplain Team Leader for In Home Care Chaplains at Baptcare, a role she has undertaken for the last ten years. In that time she has come across a number of elder abuse scenarios and pastorally supported those clients during that time.
Please click here for more information about the full year’s program.
To register: Please click here for the annual registration form, or click here for a single month registration form. These are to be filled in and to be returned to our Education Officer, Shinen Wong:


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