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Business Pastoral Counsellors X2 - Reventure, Melbourne

Date Posted: 06-Dec-2018

Part time positions at Rialto Towers, Melbourne

No closing date listed


Reventure is a Christian organisation that has a rich and diverse history of providing care and compassion to the marketplace. In the past, we were known as Interchurch Trade and Industry Mission. ITIM. Today, we have an exciting opportunity to provide an innovative pastoral care service to 4000 employees and tenants within the Rialto Towers precinct, in Collins Street, Melbourne.

An agreement has been reached with the Rialto Joint Partners, to provide this program as part of an initial 15-month pilot that seeks to develop innovation in workplace based pastoral support services. This service recognises that workers spend more time at work than in any other part of their life. Work is the new community. 

Our need.  We are recruiting two pastoral care workers - female and male - to work in a part time capacity providing proactive and reactive services within the Rialto precinct.

Person:  We are looking for Christians who will view this opportunity as a calling to build community through pastoral services to a broad and diverse business community. You will be able to proactively participate in precinct events, relevant committees e.g. wellbeing committees and avenues to be available and ‘present’ to individuals who seek you out.

Qualities and attributes:  For these roles to be successful, you will be highly relational, able to warmly engage with individuals, know when to step up and initiate a conversation, be ‘present’ in times of need, provide wise and considered counsel and advice. It will also be critical to know your boundaries of what you can and can’t do and when to refer to other professional services. You will also be required to work with Rialto Joint Partner team including their marketing staff who will provide you with a range of initiatives to become known to the Rialto tenants and employees. Given the environment you will be working in, you will have had some business experience and an understanding of the demands of the modern workplace and the future of work. You will be able to be respectful of privacy and confidentiality. You will also be expected to collaborate with Converge International staff who will provide advice, assistance and services to enhance this Rialto service. Converge will provide line management and operational support and will be there to ensure this service is successful.


Qualifications:  While you will have exceptional ‘soft skills’, ideally, we would expect you to have some formal relevant counselling skills, theology and business experience. While we recognise that this may be a high expectation, we would welcome a conversation to determine the right ‘fit’ for this role.

Next Steps:  We are expecting this service to commence in early 2019.

For more information call Dr Lindsay McMillan 0409 186 322

You can also send a CV to

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