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Our Projects

Spiritual Health Victoria (SHV) participates in a number of quality improvement projects in the healthcare sector, enabling best practice and contributing to overall health and well-being. We collaborate with practitioners, health services and faith communities to achieve quality, innovation and compassionate spiritual care.

Our projects enable health practitioners to deliver compassionate and person- centred services. We appreciate working with the sector to achieve these goals. Outcomes from our quality improvement projects in healthcare not only benefit services in Victoria. SHV shares knowledge and evidence of best practice nationally and internationally to enhance the provision of spiritual care on a global level.  

See below a list of our current quality improvement projects in healthcare. They form part of our 2016 – 2017 deliverables to the Department of Health and Human Services. 

Spiritual Care Minimum Data Set Framework and Spiritual Care in Victorian Health Services: Towards Best Practice Framework: 

Thirty – five spiritual care managers were surveyed to review the effectiveness of the frameworks. There were positive outcomes including conducting gap analyses of service provision and undertaking quality improvement projects to meet best practice. A report was sent to the 35 health service CEO’s regarding the outcomes from the implementation and their contribution to providing a safe and compassionate spiritual care service. 

La Trobe Research Collaboration:

The collaborative project continues between SHV, La Trobe University and spiritual care departments at six hospital sites, investigating expectations for and benefits of spiritual care provision in the healthcare system.  A literature review is available on this website here 

The phase one is progressing with interviews for a pilot study completed at four sites, one involving staff members at multiple levels through the hospital and the others canvasing patient and family member perspectives.  Data is being analysed.

It is anticipated that the phase one pilot study will be completed by September 2017, allowing the development of a questionnaire to be utilised across the sites with larger numbers of participants. A grant application process for this next stage will also be undertaken.

We anticipate that this process will enable the identification of any gaps in spiritual care provision at each site allowing on-going individual projects to address an identified issue. Future updates as available.

Sustaining Our Practice: Spiritual Care Basics for Hospital Staff:

SHV has developed a 2-hour professional development seminar called "Sustaining Our Practice", on spiritual health for the well being of hospital and healthcare professionals.  The program attends to the spiritual determinants of health, and is rooted in the evolving principles of adult education, integral development psychology and cultural safety. We are partnering with Eastern Health and Western Health to pilot this seminar for small groups of medical, nursing and allied health staff.  

For more information about this pilot program please contact  Shinen Wong, Education Officer,  Spiritual Health Victoria, or call (03) 8415 1148

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our current projects or find out more about the work we do.


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