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Standards and FRAMEWORKS

There are several resources to assist you in providing quality spiritual care. Many of these frameworks have been developed in consultation with practitioners and health services.

Spiritual Health Victoria has developed several standards and frameworks over the last year. Spiritual Care Australia, the professional association for spiritual care practitioners also published their standards in 2013.

Spiritual Care in Victorian Health Services: Towards Best Practice Framework:
This Framework is intended as a resource for use by health service executives, spiritual care managers and their line managers in the consideration of good practice for spiritual care of patients, families and staff in health services in Victoria. To download please click here.

Capability Framework for Spiritual Care Practitioners in Health Services 2016:
The Framework is intended as a resource to clarify the expected behaviours and attributes required for this work and the ways that these can be developed over time. It focuses on the individual spiritual care practitioner’s capabilities and provides a structure for career progress on the basis of incremental development of those capabilities over time. Spiritual Care Volunteers have been included in this framework as they are members of the spiritual care team in some facilities, who contribute to the provision of spiritual care and are accountable within that team context. To download please click here.

Spiritual Care Minimum Data Set Framework:
This Framework aims to provided consistent interpretation and approach to data collection across health services in Victoria.  The framework also meets minimum reporting requirements for the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  They establish a basis for reporting spiritual care activity in health services.  The document provides a minimum requirement for data collection with agreed definitions for use in health services and other relevant contexts. To download please click here.

Spiritual Care Providers (Faith Community Appointed) Credentialling Framework:
This Framework is intended for use primarily by the faith community members of SHV who are involved in the appointment of spiritual care providers to health services through both paid and unpaid (volunteer) positions. The framework may also be of use to those people in health services with responsibility for ensuring the provision of quality spiritual care.  To download please click here.

Spiritual Care Australia Standards of Practice 2013:
These Standards of Practice outline what is required of a spiritual care practitioner, according to their level of membership and act as a gauge for a range of organisations where spiritual care is practiced.  To download please click here.

National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care

The National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care is a benchmark for the integration of spiritual care, giving organisations a clear pathway to embrace whole of person care. The Guidelines are available on the Meaningful Ageing Australia website. To download please click here.


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